Lydia Longman is a freelancer based in the UK. She works a variety of roles in the theatre and entertainment industries.

‘Please explore these pages to find out more about my work, what I’m passionate about, and how to get in touch if you have an idea for how we could work together to create something brilliant!’ – Lydia


“It was an inspiring idea to let the students find the dancing choreography themselves – I enjoyed to see how students turned into teachers. Adding lines to the script is motivating and student-centred, plus it triggers their imagination. […] The way you conducted the rehearsals was creative, motivating and I was impressed by how much you were able to teach our students. They enjoyed learning with you.”

German Client

Director / Facilitator – Germany

“I know well that the kids demonstrated a lot of talents and “opened their hearts” with your help. I’ve heard the final performance was awesome and impressive.”

– Ukrainian Client

Director / Facilitator – Ukraine

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