Day Four, Play Four.

Do you ever start writing and then out comes your dark side and you start to worry about yourself a little bit? You worry because you didn’t think you had a dark side, or at least… not that dark..?

You wonder, is this arty, interesting and edgy? Or a creative cry for help in a dark, dark world?

Today’s challenge was “Spoken Word”.

I based this on the three witches of M*cbeth, Shakespeare’s Scottish play. The only other spoken word I’ve written was also based on Shakespeare, and in the brief there was a brief (ha) mention of witches. That was enough and after a packed Friday / Saturday, I took the idea and flew with it. On a broom, into the dark, dark abyss..!



Bonus: There were ‘extra points’ for reading it out loud. So I made a small, if slightly cringey, video to go with!


Let me know what you think!

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