Day Seven, Play Seven.

This was my second attempt. I had a false start with something that was (perhaps equally?) uninspired and was quickly becoming incredibly convoluted and complicated. So I went back inside the box and went down the ‘easy’ route with a murder-mystery-solving-escape-the-room-style theatrical immersion piece. I can’t say I’m proud…

This is the latest I’ve ever submitted a challenge, it’s also the unhappiest I’ve submitted one.

I guess I got stuck down the wrong path and, not feeling that great to begin with, I let the challenge go a bit ‘bleugh’.

But, silver lining, today I’ve been creative. Today I’ve achieved something. Today I wrote a play. Today I learnt to accept my shortcomings and accept less than my best when I need to.

You really** needn’t read it. But here it is, as my commitment to you (and myself) to keep creating, even if it’s not a shining success. And to keep putting it (and myself) out there.

Day 7: Behind Closed Doors

** really really really really really really really really really really really really really


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