Day Ten, Play Ten.

So, I promised you a ‘neverending’ challenge – and here it is.

Write a play that never ends.
That’s it.

I had an idea in my head, I explained it to my mum and she said ‘oooh… (she shivers) goosebumps’. I didn’t realise, until that point, that a show you won’t, or can’t, leave, is actually quite ominous. Duh I guess. I just wanted to seed doubt in people’s minds about whether or not the play was still happening, even after the lights go up and they leave the theatre. But, on reflection, yes, that is quite unsettling. The idea that everyone around you could be controlling or influencing your life in some way.

The truth is, they are. Everyone we meet, everyone with whom make a connection, they sculpt, influence and direct us. So, I wrote a play about that. Perhaps a little ominous, but hopefully a little reaffirming and a little interesting too.

Although a technically and theatrically challenging, I would definitely like to explore where this little play could go in the future.



Day 10: The Show of a Lifetime


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