Day Eleven, Play Eleven.

Sorry  for the slight delay in posting, been away from reliable access to computers and internet, just about managed to get the plays together and sent off, let alone post them up here. I’m catching you up now though!

Let’s go all technological today.

Use multimedia. Perhaps some of the play is on social media. Perhaps some of it is in VLOG form. Perhaps some is on Youtube.
Write a play for the generation that is being born now (although for them, things like Vlogs, Social Media and Youtube will be totally retro!).


Today got really, very personal. So personal that I’m finding it hard to reconcile the idea of putting it out there for people to read. But, that’s part of what the challenge has become for me, and I’m embracing it.

I wrote this one from 10pm-12.30am, and it just flowed, I didn’t get to go as far with it as I would have liked, but it drew out something I would definitely like to develop in the future.

It would be a series of videos, released in advance as part of a social media campaign, that encourage people to share their own stories, and then a play would be devised from those responses.



Day 11: Voice


Let me know what you think!

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