Day Twelve, Play Twelve.

This was the prompt:


Where is language going? How do we tell stories? How do we write characters? How do we convey ideas?
What is language now – and more importantly, what is it going to be?

[…] How do we use language? How will we use language?

[…] I trust each one of you to find your own answer, without me giving you too many pointers.

Saying that, maybe it’s about writing a short play – or maybe exactly the opposite – long-winded writing making a comeback.
Short scenes or really long ones?
maybe you need to make up some words.

[…] Or maybe… just maybe… you’ll dare to bring back the emojis for another go!

So, I explored the idea of one misunderstanding across different worlds, in different languages.


Day 12: Language Barrier



Let me know what you think!

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