Day Fifteen, Play Fifteen.

Psychodrama is used to help give us an insight into things we’ve been through. Maybe to try and figure out the other side or to get a deeper understanding of why we did what we did or just to relive moments and have a ‘re-take’ – so do that.

The events in this piece are based on what happened to an acquaintance of mine. She bravely shared her story and asked others to spread the message, so I am.

And, it is a personal thing too. I think most women have been through this sort of situation in their lives, at some point. That grabby culture from ‘I was just paying you a compliment’  to ‘Oh, I didn’t realise you’d be offended’. I’ve been on the receiving end of this kind of attention more than I would ever have liked, and it left me wondering… ‘What did I do? What could I have done to prevent it?’ ‘What did I do wrong?’

On the most recent occasion, my first reaction to having a man twice my size tower over me, stare down my top and yell to his mates about my boobs … eugh … my first reaction was to pull up my top and feel embarrassed and ashamed. My second reaction was rage. Full out fury. In large part, at myself, that my first reaction was to check myself and my dress when I had done nothing wrong.

So here’s a play about ‘what if’s and speculations. A play about modifying behaviour to protect yourself. About wondering how it could have been different…


Day 15: What If?


Let me know what you think!

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