Day Fourteen, Play Fourteen.

We’re there, we’re half-way!

“Write a play that only you can understand, and only you can care about.
Maybe it’s a private joke, maybe it’s using characters that only you know…
Whatever it is, don’t worry about your audience […]”

So, in the height of self-indulgence, I wrote about something that means very little to most, and everything to me. I wrote about my relationship with that boy I love. And you couldn’t stop me, because most of it, you’d only get if you were there, and you certainly don’t care as much about it as I do. And that was the brief. So… there… 😛

In my attempt to ignore super-mushy-spend-your-money-on-red-tat-day, I ended up writing about love, romance and relationships. What can I say? The heart wants what the heart wants!


Or don’t, it doesn’t matter, because this play isn’t for you, it’s for me!

Day 14: The Adventure Begins



Let me know what you think!

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