Day Twenty-Seven, Play Twenty-Seven.

“So this is your opportunity to re-do a challenge. Pick any of the previous 26 challenges we’ve done and write a NEW play following that brief.
I bet you’ve thought of a few better ideas since sending in your first version.”

I hadn’t, I’d submitted each play and kept going, I didn’t look back.

But, I figured the fan-fiction brief had a lot of unexplored scope, after all, I am a fan of many things. I’d done a few Shakespeare nods, and the play I submitted for the fan-fic brief was Bill and Ted inspired, so I figured: Hey, let’s do Disney.

But I took the Disney princess back to their Brothers Grimm and Hans Christian Anderson roots and then set them in a not-so-distant future post-apocalyptic world.


Day 27: Just a Pretty Face


Let me know what you think!

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