10 FAQs on boat living.

Ready for a quick-fire round of boat living FAQs?

The most asked questions from friends, family and strangers when they find out we live on a boat:

Here we go…
1) What do you do about the toilet?
We have a chemical loo, you put (eco friendly-ish) chemicals in it with your business, then carry the whole lot to an ‘elsan’ where you pour it away. What comes out is a green/blue mushy liquid that smells sort of sweetish.
2) Where does your normal rubbish go?
We collect it in small bags and then Ryo takes it to public bins / recycling bins on the way to work.
3) How often do you have to move?
We’re ‘continual cruisers’ which means we move at least every two weeks to the ‘next neighbourhood’ (or further), this can mean many things, we try and get to the next station to help Ryo’s commute!
4) Where do you get your water?
There are free (yes, free!) water points up and down the canals where we attach a little hose to our enormous water tank, it takes about 30 mins to fill and lasts us weeks.
5) How do you get fuel / gas?
It comes to us! ‘Jules Fuels’ come to our boat, on their boat, and fill up the tank with discounted diesel and replace empty gas canisters. If we’re not in, they do it anyway and leave us an invoice!
6) Is it cold?
Yes, it can get chilly! (And in summer it can get super hot because it’s made of metal!) But we’re getting a wood burning stove soon, and until then, we just keep adding more layers!
7) How do you get electricity?
Running the engine generates electricity that charges our batteries. But it doesn’t last that long, so we’re getting solar panels to support our poor fridge!
8) Can you moor anywhere?
Pretty much! There are some restricted areas, for example 24 hour moorings or permanent spots, the Tesco in Leighton Buzzard has a 3 hour shopping mooring next to the car park!!
9) Can you stay in one spot if you like it?

Not really, but if we liked the location we could find a marina or permanent mooring spot near by. You pay rent on these based on the length of your boat.
10) Are you glad you moved onto a boat?
Absolutely! It’s a learning curve, but one we’re embracing, and the benefits far outweigh the challenges! We’re sustainable home owners – we love our happy, peaceful, off-grid life!!


Thanks for taking the time to get to know our boat life! Found it enlightening? What questions would you have wanted answered? Comment below! (There may be a follow up!)




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