‘About Me’


Welcome to my little slice of the internet, here you’ll find details on my performing and theatre work, writing and other interesting projects I get up to!

This post is a little map to me. Hopefully it’ll help you navigate your way around if you’re new to my site, (or even if you’re old to the site – hello to you too!)

I blog every Tuesday about a range of things, from my very wise and wisdomous tales and tips from travelling for work (Parts 1 and 2!), to reviews of shows, festivals, experiences and products I enjoy. You might also come across some of my creative writing, reflections on life as a freelancer and other stuff, like how getting married impacted my career.

So what ‘about me‘? In short, I live on a narrowboat with my gorgeous husband Ryo. (Get the answers to the ten most-asked questions about boat life here!) From the boat I write, plan, knit, sell, and develop shows and storytelling experiences – and more. I love my little freelance life, and I hope you enjoy reading about it!

If you can think of a way we could work together, or have a product/service/event you’d like reviewing, don’t hesitate to get in touch via the contact form.

I love hearing from you too! What did you think of the post? What would you love to read more about? How are you doing? What did you have for lunch? How’s your new puppy, do you have pictures, can I hold it, do you need a dog sitter?… and, er, so on! Feel free to drop me a little ‘hi’ in the comments section, I’ll read them all and may even say ‘hi’ back!

If you enjoy the posts, you could click the ‘Follow Me‘ button below to make sure you hear all about new posts – and be the first to comment and share… you trend setter you.

Thanks for sticking with me, welcome to the site and have fun exploring!

Canal, Ducklings, Roar!

Welcome to my boat life and other freelancer adventures!


Let me know what you think!

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